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Achema 2024: Lab of the Future

We always thrive to push the limits. Our mission is to be different, to be bold, to be one step ahead of the customer, to change the minds and proces in laboratory industry. At the recently concluded Achema trade fair, we proved that we are on the right track. Our presentation was exceptionally successful. Visitors were impressed with our innovative solutions, modernly designed equipment, and our commitment to sustainability and digitalization.

This year, we presented a three different acts on our main stage:

The Pregl Digital Scale – combining accuracy and modernity captivated visitors and sparked great interest.

Our new filtration Fume Hood “THE GHOST” drew attention with its seamless integration into nature at the heart of a picturesque park, surrounded by lush flowers and tall trees. Visitors were enchanted by the aesthetic appeal and functionality of our product, developed in collaboration with the French company ERLAB, the world’s leading supplier of air filtration technology.

Our prototype of futuristic laboratory furniture impressed with its adaptability and innovative design. It was a true work of art, created in collaboration with the 325 design studio, which inspired visitors and offered a glimpse into the future of laboratory equipment.

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