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Compare cloud packages to get the best deal.

Choose from a range of deployment options that suit your organization's needs, from flexible and supported cloud-based solutions to on-premises solutions that provide full system control. All Pregl Digital Cloud installations are hosted on ISO-certified Oracle Cloud data centers, ensuring compliance with regional regulatory requirements.

Hosting options overview

Hosting in ISO certified data centers


Private Cloud

Managed hosting

Turn-key and fully configurable

Flexible monthly license plan

Completely private data storage

No upfront investments

Access restriction based on IP range

SSO/AD FS/LDAP authentication (optional)

— The Pregl Digital Ecosystem

Select the appropriate Pregl Digital cloud option to meet your business requirements.

Pregl Digital Cloud is an off-the-shelf and configurable platform that is the best solution for customers that do not have the budget and resources or dont want to invest in hardware and system maintenance.

Pregl Digital Private Cloud is a customer-specific installation of Pregl Digital Cloud in an ISO-certified Oracle Cloud data center. The Pregl Digital Private Cloud can be configured as a cloud application or access can be restricted to the IP range of your organization and be completely isolated.

Pregl Digital On-Premises is similar to Pregl Digital Private Cloud but offers the software and all data on company or institute servers. This solution fits your needs best if you need to comply with strict IT policies, for example, having data stored locally. Your IT department will be responsible for system monitoring, maintenance, and data back-ups while providing software updates and functional support in a tailored service level agreement.

  • Full system control
  • All data stored locally
  • Individual system customization options
  • Certified internal system administrator
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