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Pregl Digital Mobile App

Revolutionize your laboratory inventory management with Pregl Digital, offering supreme clarity, efficiency, compliance, traceability, and safety. Traditional inventory management methods, such as spreadsheets and pen and paper, no longer meet the demands of modern laboratories with complex workflows. With Pregl Digital, you can benefit from centralized control and oversight of inventory, efficient stock management, and informed lab staff. By implementing Pregl Digital, inventory management becomes a breeze, enabling you to streamline your laboratory operations and focus on driving innovation.

While disrupting in the technological sense, Pregl Digital is designed not to disturb your daily routine, but to increase efficiency where you are losing time due to manual and repetitive tasks.

With the mobile app, you can enable additional automation options such as scanning codes with external scanners or terminals. Leveraging the advanced camera functionality, you can scan and attach various paper documents directly to stock and labware items. Additionally, you can attach service documentation photos for later analysis or service, streamlining the process and making it more efficient.

— Achieve a new level of productivity

Modern laboratories demand advanced inventory management solutions that surpass traditional methods, such as paper or spreadsheets.

With Pregl Digital, you can add, manage and track chemicals and any type of lab consumable in an instant by customizing the level of management complexity to your organization’s internal regulations and workflows.
Pregl Digital allows you to keep track of every piece of lab equipment by recording instrument information and details, managing schedule and availability status, and logging calibration, maintenance, installation and performance details.
With the warehouse module, you have control of your material management from the receipt of the material through its distribution across locations to its usage, all in a full audit trail.



Traceability with strict user management: users can interact only with approved modules. A complete management of user roles and logging of any user interactions. Fast and easy login with credentials, user code, or PIN.



Simplify your lab inventory management with our digital solution, which offers an easy three-step process: enter specifications, select warnings and safeguards, and add safety data sheets. Our app includes a wizard for complex cases and a comprehensive help database with screenshots and animations. Ditch the inconvenience of paper or spreadsheets and optimize your lab workflow with our streamlined solution.


Cross-platform compatibility

The Pregl Digital app is designed for optimal performance on Android and Apple iOS devices and can seamlessly integrate with industrial scanners such as Zebra Terminals. This compatibility enables users to easily manage their lab inventory and workflow with efficient and reliable data entry and scanning capabilities.

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