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Fleet Management

With the Fleet Management module, you not only gain control over your warehouse, materials, and equipment but also have real-time insights at your fingertips for connected devices. These devices range from Pregl Digital Screens, Smart Touch devices, and Integrated Scales to various other connected devices from different manufacturers, such as fume hoods. You receive data and alarms in real time, providing you with an overview of the operational status and ensuring that you can manage and monitor all your critical equipment efficiently and effectively. This comprehensive visibility enhances operational efficiency and supports proactive maintenance strategies.

Gain comprehensive control and real-time insights into connected devices. Seamlessly integrating with any modern machine through the Cloud API or router implementation, this module enhances operational efficiency and supports proactive maintenance strategies across devices from various manufacturers.

The Pregl Digital Fleet Management module is the core IoT implementation that can be connected to any modern machine with a communication interface. Utilizing the Cloud API or our router implementation, any data connection is straightforward and seamless. This module ensures that all connected devices, regardless of the manufacturer, are integrated into a cohesive management system, providing real-time insights and enhancing overall operational efficiency. The flexibility and connectivity of the Fleet Management module make it an essential tool for modern laboratories and industrial environments.

— Achieve a new level of productivity

Modern laboratories demand advanced inventory management solutions that surpass traditional methods, such as paper or spreadsheets.

With Pregl Digital, you can add, manage and track chemicals and any type of lab consumable in an instant by customizing the level of management complexity to your organization’s internal regulations and workflows.
Pregl Digital allows you to keep track of every piece of lab equipment by recording instrument information and details, managing schedule and availability status, and logging calibration, maintenance, installation and performance details.
With the warehouse module, you have control of your material management from the receipt of the material through its distribution across locations to its usage, all in a full audit trail.
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