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Pregl Digital Integrated Scale

Revolutionize your laboratory's workflow by implementing the Pregl Digital Integrated Scales, equipped with an automatic 2D code scanner, resistant glass weighing surface, and interactive touch interface. This state-of-the-art device significantly enhances productivity and precision, enabling more efficient and accurate experimentation.

— Laboratory inventory management

The Pregl Digital Integrated Scales consist of different modules that are tailored to speed up and optimize various use cases. From standard weighing and material counting to the automatic detection of materials and one-click inventory automation.

The weighing module is integrated with the Pregl Digital Stock system, automatically updating stock data based on weight and material usage. It is easy to use and fast, covering various use cases for chemicals and labware where material counting is required.
The Scale/Counter module can be used for weighing materials and counting on the fly without using the Pregl Digital Database. You can also use it as a standard tabletop precision scale.
The Inventory module can be used for automated inventory checking. Simply place the container on the platform, and the material will be recognized. The new value will be saved to the material history as an inventory value.
Weighing in Cooperation with KERN

The integrated weighing module uses a high-precision KERN platform, ensuring the accuracy and longevity of the system. All certifications and services are also covered.

Our open protocol supports different scale types and producers out of the box, catering to specific laboratory needs.

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