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Equipment Management

Pregl Digital enhances lab equipment management with comprehensive tracking tools. Ensure equipment availability and maintenance with Pregl Digital's shared calendar and detailed logging for calibration, maintenance, installation, and performance details. This platform helps you keep every piece of lab equipment in perfect condition, minimizing downtime and optimizing efficiency.

With flexible equipment booking and asset management, Pregl Digital gives you simple but powerful tools to keep your equipment in perfect condition when you need it.

Calibration and maintenance

With your daily workload, it’s not hard to forget about preventive maintenance on lab equipment and instruments. To ensure you do not lose time and money when expensive equipment breaks down, Pregl Digital lets you keep track of every piece of lab equipment, including the equipment information and details as well as logging calibration, maintenance, installation and performance details.

Equipment availability

There is nothing more frustrating than finding a piece of lab equipment that is not available when you need it for an experiment. With a dedicated shared equipment calendar, Pregl Digital can be used by authorized lab staff to manage the scheduling and availability status of each piece of lab equipment, even if a piece of equipment is not in use or needs to be serviced or calibrated before use.

— Achieve a new level of productivity

Modern laboratories demand advanced inventory management solutions that surpass traditional methods, such as paper or spreadsheets.

With Pregl Digital, you can add, manage and track chemicals and any type of lab consumable in an instant by customizing the level of management complexity to your organization’s internal regulations and workflows.

Pregl Digital allows you to keep track of every piece of lab
equipment by recording instrument information and details,
managing schedule and availability status, and logging
calibration, maintenance, installation and performance details.

With the warehouse module, you have control of your material management from the receipt of the material through its distribution across locations to its usage, all in a full audit trail.
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