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Material Management

Pregl Digital revolutionizes laboratory management with advanced lifecycle tools. Optimize efficiency and track materials seamlessly with Pregl Digital's streamlined material lifecycle management. This industry-agnostic platform enhances laboratory workflows, offering advanced QR and barcode features for easy access to critical information, customizable inventory management, and effortless sharing or transfer of specimens.

While disrupting in the technological sense, Pregl Digital is designed not to disturb your daily routine, but to increase efficiency where you are losing time due to manual and repetitive tasks.

Lifecycle management

Pregl Digital offers streamlined material lifecycle management to enhance laboratory workflows. With the platform, users can manage and track materials from registration to advanced handling processes. The Pregl Digital app also features advanced QR and barcode readability, providing easy access to critical information about a specific material and enabling users to optimize their laboratory operations efficiently.


Regardless of the category of consumables you manage, Pregl Digital provides you with the ability to efficiently manage your inventory. It allows a user to easily find a specific specimen and share or transfer it to multiple users. When labeling samples, specific details can be used based on your workflow, such as the location of collection, time and date of collection (e.g., multiple samples), nature of sample (e.g., environmental, biological, multiple samples).

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Chemical management has never been so simple

To add a new chemical to the system, simply select it from the 1.000,000 chemicals in the existing and fully expandable database that comes with Pregl Digital, or add it manually in three simple steps - enter the basic specifications, select warnings and safeguards, reference or upload the latest safety data sheet.
Once the chemical has been added to the system, you can add new containers to the selected storage location by entering key information such as catalogue number, manufacture and/or expiration date, lot number, and certificate of analysis. Pregl Digital Smart Tags with QR code can be used for better traceability. Pregl Digital automatically checks if the chemical is compatible with the existing stock.
With the Pregl Digital app, you can find and document every change in chemical quantity in your lab. With customizable and granular user permissions, you decide who can see and use what at the lab, department, and organization level. And thanks to a robust audit trail system, the use of each miligram can be traced back to a specific experiment and user-reference or upload the latest safety data sheet.
Pregl Digital keeps track of quantities and expiration dates so you do not have to, and alerts users when inventory is nearing minimum or expiration dates are approaching. Adequate alerts are also shown on optional Pregl Digital screens.
Simplify your workflow with Pregl Digital. With Analytics 360 and the simple order module, you can streamline orders based on various stock and expiration alarms. Integration with your CRM also allows you to automate this process.
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Pregl Digital
Integrated Scale

Revolutionize your laboratory's workflow by implementing the Pregl Digital Integrated Scales, equipped with an Automatic 2D Code Scanner, Resistant Glass Weighing Surface, and Interactive Touch Interface. This state-of-the-art device significantly enhances productivity and precision, enabling more efficient and accurate experimentation.

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