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Pregl Digital Ecosystem

Pregl Digital Cloud is a suite of closely interlinked systems and components that offer a consistent user experience, regardless of location or user type. Providing a comprehensive solution to laboratory management, Pregl Digital is meticulously designed to integrate seamlessly with your current laboratory information ecosystem, including your electronic lab notebook system, to ensure optimal efficiency and ease of use.

1.000.000 +
different materials
ISO/IEC 27001:2017
consumables, equipment, samples


Pregl Digital Cloud has transformed laboratory operations by providing several benefits, such as scalability, cost-effectiveness, accessibility, and security. By utilizing the potential of the internet, laboratories can now store and retrieve their data from any location, at any time. With Pregl Digital, laboratories can maintain their agility, productivity, and security in the constantly evolving business landscape of today.

Lifecycle management

Pregl Digital Dashboard offers a comprehensive overview of your laboratory's material storage, enabling you to manage it efficiently. It comes with customizable order and reporting modules that can alert you about upcoming expiration dates or low quantities of materials. Additionally, Pregl Digital Dashboard supports custom integrations with different ERP software, allowing seamless integration with existing systems. With Pregl Digital Dashboard, you can easily manage your laboratory inventory, register, and track devices, and enhance overall efficiency.

Business as usual

Say goodbye to the limitations of pen and paper and embrace clarity, efficiency, compliance, traceability, and safety with the Pregl Digital mobile application. Our application is available for both iOS and Android platforms and is optimized to work with professional terminals, such as Zebra, and external scanners that can be effortlessly connected to a mobile device. With Pregl Digital mobile, you can improve your laboratory's operations and streamline your workflow while on-the-go.

First of its kind

Pregl Digital screens are the first built-in, connected, and energy-efficient screens for lab furniture. With fully customizable template editing and the ability to link it to external data point, you can decide what to display on your Pregl screens such as logging calibration, maintenance, installation and performance details. There is also a possibility to add QR & NFC link to the specific data in the Pregl Digital mobile App.

— Laboratory inventory management

It is crucial to recognize the significance of documents such as Safety Data Sheets, Certificates of Analysis, and Equipment service reports. These documents play a pivotal role in ensuring safety in laboratory operations and should never be underestimated.

Enjoy quick and hassle-free access to Safety Data Sheets and Certificates of Analysis on your smartphones, tablets (iOS, Android), and PCs/MACs with our digital solution.
Our automated inventory and expiration alerts guarantee that you never run out of stock or use expired materials. Easily monitor your stock levels and expiration dates at the storage location and access real-time inventory information at both micro-location and organization-wide levels.
Choose from a range of analytics and reporting modules, or customize your own with Pregl Digital's seamless integration with various ERP software options. Our system provides comprehensive coverage of any analysis needed for any material or machine within the system at any time. The integration interface simplifies the process of implementing our system into your existing workflow, offering a variety of one-step options.
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