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Exhibition for Innovation and Development in Laboratories

Participating in an international exhibition is an excellent way to enter foreign markets. The first of these three exhibitions is already successfully behind us – LABVOLUTION. The exhibition took place from May 9th to 11th, 2023, in the German city of Hannover. The exhibition, which came to life under the slogan “The entire spectrum of laboratory technology,” focuses primarily on innovation and development in laboratories. The decision to participate and the choice of product with which we presented ourselves was clear and straightforward – PREGL DIGITAL. For the first time, we independently presented our latest product, which was the centerpiece of our exhibition presence. Like all previous exhibitions, this one was also extremely successful. In addition to the main exhibition space, where we also showcased a prototype of a scale, Tanja Gvardjančič, the project manager of Pregl Digital, presented all the benefits, advantages, and solutions that users gain from using our system in a 30-minute seminar. As we look forward to the autumn exhibition appearances, we are already diligently working on new ideas.

Labvolution – The entire spectrum of lab technology
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